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We’re GCD Inc.

A digital marketing agency that specializes in social impact storytelling  & advertising.

By implementing marketing strategies specifically developed for you, we empower and train companies to build a strong presence online, optimize their sales process for maximum results and create social good within their business.

Simply put, you started your business to make a difference and we want you to succeed in your mission efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Our strong sales experience and passion for process development make us a unique and indispensable partner for your business growth.

Ask us what we stand for…

“We owe it to our daughters to demand a world that is worthy of them.” – GCD

GCD: Glass Cliff Divas,

making reference to the glass cliff phenomenon. This is the phenomenon where women in business are put in positions of power when the likelihood of failure is highest. So, beyond the glass ceiling lives the glass cliff for our female role models to proverbially fall off of. Yet, when a women is selected to lead during crisis or downturn, they are more likely to succeed over their male counterparts! GCD speaks to that challenge and calls upon business leaders and owners to change the status quo and spark social impact in their model.

But why “Diva”?

Origin and Etymology of DIVA: 

Italian, literally, goddess, from Latin, feminine of divus divine, god.

(’nuff said)

As young girls of single mothers, we both spent most of our childhoods dreaming of the quality time our families couldn’t afford to take. It is incredibly meaningful to us to create efficient strategies that stretch your budget the furthest, ensure your message is being delivered and allowing for meaningful relationships both within and outside of your company. Glass Cliff Divas finds purpose in giving business owners the balance they need at work and at home. Allowing us to take on the time-consuming aspects of marketing, business owners can dedicate more time to creating good in their communities and quality time with their loved ones all while knowing their company is growing and prosperous.

 Glass Cliff Divas 

The Divas

Caitlin Cooke

Co-Owner + Director of Digital Sorcery

How I see us helping you: By simplify the overwhelming marketing options available to help you save time & make money.

My Superpower: Authentic connection & digital sorcery.

Fun Fact: I was a national champion competitive cheerleader for 4 years.

Brittney Pickett

Brittney Pickett

Co-Owner / Literary Aficionado

How I see us helping you: Creating and implementing thoughtful and stunning marketing strategies for business owners.

My Superpower: Connecting with others and writing writing writing.

Fun Fact: I have performed in a number of plays and musicals, and won gold with my team at the Canadian Improv Games.

Luba Huizinga

Manager of Digital Sorcery

How I see us helping you: We help business owners bring their ideas to life, from advertising to website design and everything in between!

My Superpower: Remembering everything and keeping Britt & Cait sane.

Fun Fact: In my youth, I danced 3 different styles of dance for years!

Carly Kennedy

carly kennedy

Digital Sorceress

How I see us helping you: Helping passionate business owners communicate their brand and connect with their audiences on a meaningful level.

My Superpower: Effortlessly making all things thoughtful & beautiful

Fun Fact: Whilst solo travelling in Europe, I lost my Canadian passport and got stuck in Belgium for two weeks.

Correy Nuttall

Digital Sorcery Strategist

How I see us helping you: We empower you and your business to succeed in your mission efficiently, effectively, and profitably with outstanding digital marketing strategies.

My Superpower: Interpreting data and turning it into pure magic.

Fun Fact: The first time I left Muskoka, I travelled & lived in Thailand for 4 months where I taught English to children and did marine conservation work.

Our Collaborators

Carly Kennedy

Kyle Matthews

Freelance Videographer, Video Editor
Visual Sorcerer

We work with Kyle for any videography
or video editing needed

Carly Kennedy

Cass Sarazin

of Sarazin Photography
Photography Guru 

We work with Cass for any photography & videography needed in the West (Alberta & BC primarily)

Our Dream Client Prototype Is:

You started your business because you wanted more out of life.
More time, more balance, more purpose. You are proud and dedicated to what you have built and want to utilize
your platform to create good in your community. Innovative, compassionate and a true force to recon with. You are looking for
a unique and indispensable partner to assist in your business growth and bring your hard work to new heights.

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