How To Build Consistent Lead Generation 
While Folding Laundry

Hey Divas! I’m not sure about you, but I have had a hella long week balancing client work, business development, school lunches, networking, bedtime routines, and building an empire all while folding laundry! There just aren’t enough hours in the day, hey mama?

On the good days, it feels good to look back on all you have accomplished. You’re basically a superhero! But on the bad days… well, the bad days can bring feelings of total failure while looking at all the items STILL on your to-do list. The point of being a business owner was to give you more freedom, not take it away! You wanted to spend MORE time with your family, not spending every waking minute chasing everything that is still undone. Don’t even get me started on all that laundry, girl!

Time and time again, business owners find themselves burnt out trying to keep up with client work while still nurturing their network for a future client base.

And time and time again, we are asked our secret for a full, happy, CONSISTENT sales funnel. So today, I wanted to share a small section from our Sales Consulting Process ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY FREE!

Honestly, I just can’t help myself.

This checklist is something that every business owner should be referring to on a regular basis for lead generation. When the leads stop rolling, look at the list. When the type of leads you are getting are inconsistent, look at the list. When you invest in some DIY digital advertising, look at the list. When the leads you have just aren’t converting, LOOK. AT. THE. LIST Actually, scratch that. Don’t just LOOK at the list. Really ask yourself if you are LIVING BY THE LIST. Your clients want an experience! Inconsistency between website, advertising, conversation and follow-up matter deeply.

From start to finish, your leads need to feel compelled to work with you. The moment they click on your website, social post or advertisement.

It sounds like a lot, but remember Divas, you are not alone. We work hard every day to help our clients with the items they need help with. And we ask for help in the areas we need it too! If by the time you get through this list, you feel a few items just aren’t something you can tackle alone, give us a call to set up a free discovery session. We will happily work through what items you need to prioritize and which ones can wait. Which ones you can totally take on for your business, and which ones need some GCD expertise!


Let’s start from the top, and be sure our customers experience leads them directly to working with you!



  • Homepage includes a call to action above the pages’ fold.
  • Has a call to action that links to a landing page.
  • Should include calls to action for various points in the sales cycle.
  • Blogs include a call to action.
  • Calls to action are placed at the bottom of blog pages.


  • Clearly states the offer.
  • Branding matches the tone of your site and landing pages.
  • Copy that leaves the customer wanting to know more.
  • Take a look at your ad from the viewers perspective before launch.

Call to Action:

  • Clearly describes what the offer is.
  • Action focused meaning that starts with verbs like, download or register that makes it clear to the customer what action they will be taking on your landing page.
  • Should be above the pages’ fold to avoid the need to scroll.
  • It needs to stand off the page and not blend in with the colours of your template or website.

Landing Pages:

  • Uses bullet points within the copy to list the items people will learn from taking advantage of the offer.
  • Includes a form that only asks for contact information and a couple qualifying questions.
  • Does not show your website’s navigation or other links that could be distracting.
  • Most of the content is above the pages’ fold.
  • Includes a relevant image.
  • You can understand what the page in about in less than 8 seconds.
  • Redirects to a thank you page.
  • If directing traffic with Facebook ads, includes the same copy + imagery as in the ad.

Follow Up Structure:

  • Scheduled opportunities to reconnect with leads.
  • Use an honest and upfront approach.
  • Ask for an introduction, NOT a referral.

There you have it, a handy dandy list for consistent lead generation! And look at that… My laundry is folded too. 😉

Diva Love xox

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