How To Revolutionize Without Reinventing The Wheel

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There is one thing that entrepreneurs know, that others just don’t seem to understand. How to leave a legacy. Whether it is a primary reason for your business or the white noise in the background, it is something that crosses every business owner’s mind. How do I create something that will outlive me? How do I move from making a living, to making a life? This is at is the very core of every entrepreneurial spirit. Everyone wants to leave a mark with their business. But how do we do just that without completely reinventing the wheel? Let’s be honest, you are not the first person taking this journey. And you certainly won’t be the last.


1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

You are a business owner. Not a magician. While you are a straight up badass capable of wearing many hats, you can’t possibly know all the ins and outs of every aspect of business. Whether this means hiring an accountant to take care of the books, an assistant to handle paperwork and scheduling, or a digital sorceress to take on the social aspects of your business, just let an expert handle the items outside of your wheelhouse.

2. Don’t overload yourself.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and biting off more than you can chew, I’d bet my last dollar you are not offering your highest quality of work. Don’t get me wrong, we 100% respect the hustle. But constantly burning out and stressing over endless deadlines is taking precious time away from your business. It’s okay to refer potential clients to someone in the industry you trust. You are better off sending a customer elsewhere, rather than taking them on and offering subpar work, guaranteed.

3. Don’t be everything to everyone.

Saying yes to everyone for their every need is a futile way to run a business. As mentioned in Tip #2, offering subpar services can do far more damage to your business than many realize. So, if your client needs a wide range of services, be sure to contract out anything you cannot give them. Nothing is worse than half of a client’s work being completely mind blowing, and the second half looking half assed in comparison. GCD has a number of strategic partnerships so we can leverage each other’s specialties for our clients without trying to do everything. Do your client, and yourself a favour and only take on what you can actually get done!

4. Be unique!

It’s important to find a way to stand out from the competition. Take a look at your business plan and find one area you can stand out in. When Glass Cliff Divas opened its doors, we noticed a lack of strategy in our industry. We felt very passionate about improving that! So, GCD offers strategy in all our services plans. What do you wish you saw more of in your industry? What can you give your clients that other businesses don’t? We highly recommend taking the time to research who you feel your competitors will be and finding what you can offer that no one else is. There is always a way to stand out from the crowd that you can be passionate about!

5. Find your niche!

Sometimes simply finding an under serviced market can completely revolutionize an industry. Many companies have found success just by taking a popular service or product and tailoring it to a new market. Identifying your niche can be a game changer to your business, so don’t be afraid to spend some extra time on this one. Maybe you have already fallen into your niche by accident, or maybe you need a week-long yoga retreat and some soul searching. Regardless of how you get there, it’s worth it!

6. Keep it simple!

Being a revolutionary in your industry doesn’t need to be time consuming or back breaking work. Glass Cliff Divas strongly believes in working smarter – not harder!! Produce quality work more efficiently. Plain and simple. Keeping your quality level high and your process streamlined and simple always has your clients coming back for more. And when you think ‘simple’, don’t just think of yourself! How can you extend this simplicity to your clients? Do you have a way to save your client’s time? Offer that as a unique touch from your company. Whether you are offering a service or selling a product, always ask yourself what you can do to simplify your customer’s experience while working with you.

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