For All the Women Who Make Things Happen

International Women’s Day 2021

Since the very beginning, we knew we would attract strong, talented women. With a name like Glass Cliff Divas, we were kinda counting on it. 😉

Yet, somehow, we were not prepared for just how strong, how talented, ambitious, creative, brilliant, and fucking badass each and every woman would turn out to be. Over the past 3 years we have been privileged to work with so many talented women, as clients, collaborators, and as teammates. Today, for International Women’s Day, we would be honoured to shine the brightest light on the women who have graced our company with their brilliance and talent to make it what it is today. These Divas showed up for our company as if it were their own. Sharing not just their skill sets, but their ideas, their time, and their passion for what they do. 

Without any further adieu, here are the Divas, past and present, we are so damn grateful for


Ciara Stead joined the GCD team in its infancy sharing her graphic design talents with us and our lucky clients. She is a talented designer, artist and maker in Huntsville and was recognized for her work in 2020 as the Huntsville Readers Choice award for best Graphic Designer. 

Sarah Alexander came on to help us integrate a new tool into our customer service process. Little did we know that Sarah would become the most powerful and integral addition we could have asked for. Assisting in administrative duties, straightening out our bookkeeping, creating social graphics, developing the most unbelievable web strategies for our clients, and coding new site builds… Then went on to get her Masters in Creative Advertising. Was there literally anything this woman couldn’t do?! Today, Sarah is blessing another start-up with her endless talents, experience and knowledge. 

Ola Asagba became a Diva in 2019 as our in house copywriter. Her ability to capture the voices of our clients never went unnoticed, and we were constantly blown away with her work. Trained as a dentist, Ola decided to follow her dreams into the world of digital marketing and project management. The writing? Well it was just a little something she picked up along the way. Go figure, right? Ola is now living out her truest passions as an IT specialist.

Luba Marczuk was born a Diva. She came into our lives by chance, and we have been counting our lucky stars ever since. There isn’t much that Luba doesn’t do as a Diva. Creating social content, blogs, newsletters, and emails. Scheduling, customer service, and now, leadership roles within our team. Luba is an expert in all things GCD, and now she is the trusted expert for how things get done. There isn’t a single day that we are not grateful for the day her resume showed up in our inbox. 

Carly Kennedy also mysteriously showed up in our inbox and just when we needed her the very most. Despite having no formal training in design, Carly has integrated her training in marketing with her undeniable creativity and has proven to be a talented graphic designer. Her hard work and determination to show up as her best self each and every day and pushes us all to try new things. Carly is a calm and joyful spirit that we couldn’t imagine living without now.

Daniella  Zirizzotti is a brilliant ad specialist who has taken our more complicated or long term ad strategies and brought them to life. Not a dollar is wasted when Daniella is managing your campaigns! She has been an exceptional addition to our growing team, and we are constantly grateful for her expertise and technical abilities.

Correy Nuttall recently joined the Diva Crew as a specialist in social media management and community engagement. Her extensive knowledge base and direct ability to communicate what is needed to move the proverbial needle, is second to none. When Correy speaks, you listen. We are so thrilled that she reached out looking to join our team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for Correy as one kick ass Diva.

Paige Bigham is our newest and most junior Diva, spending the next few months with us as part of her high school co-op program. Paige may have come to us looking for guidance, but she most definitely did not come to the table empty-handed. Already, Paige has assisted in creating social content, email campaign set up, and website development. Whatever post secondary path Paige chooses to follow will be beyond lucky to have her. Anyone who dares underestimate her, well, good luck to you.

The web of women we trust in business doesn’t stop here with the Divas. Our web extends to brilliant business support, contractors and collaborators who have provided us with their skills and seemingly endless knowledge. We would also love to mention a few women we have had the privilege to collaborate with. 

Ashli Phippen & Martina Morton
Grow CPA

Cassie Sarazin
Sarazin Photography

Amanda Horn
Breakthru Beverage

Aurora Chapman-Good
Nomad Belles Media Co.

Hanna Dykstra
Cabin Muskoka

Hannah Cree

Kyla Taylor
Launch & Prosper

A lot has changed since our humble beginnings as a pair of best friends, looking to create a better place to work for ourselves. And all for the absolute better. It’s better because we trust ourselves, as women, to know what we need to be brilliant. It’s better because we trust these women in their field, their expertise, and experience, to lead the way. It sounds like a simple concept, yet our society proves again and again, simple to conceptualize does not translate to a positive change. So no more talking about the incredible women that are showing up and kicking ass in their industry or craft. It’s long overdue for trusting women for what they have to say.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #choosetochallenge, and we are challenging you to not only celebrate women’s achievements, and call out gender bias when you see it, we #choosetochallenge each of you to trust the women you do business with. We challenge you to let the woman finish her sentence because you’ll probably learn something. And we challenge you to know when to sit down and let a woman do her damn job.


Trust us when we tell you, unbelievable things because a reality when you trust in the women who can make it happen. 

Love Always,


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