Meal Prep for Divas 
That Don’t Have Time For That Sh*t

Listen up Divas & Dudes,

Somewhere along my quest to Diva-hood and general greatness, I lost sight of the value of a home cooked meal. Between full time work, the side hustle, my four kids (yeah, you read that right!) and general adulting, food just started to take the proverbial backburner. This sort of thing doesn’t just happen overnight.

This shit sneaks up on you….

One minute you are grabbing a roasted chicken and a container of coleslaw to save some time, and next thing you know, the whole family is living off of take out food and frozen pizzas. The closest thing we have had to a home cooked meal has been those miraculous meal delivery services that are all the rage. Don’t get me wrong, those glorious boxes have saved my ass from week to week. However, I think it’s time I put on my big girl panties and find a way to bring home cooked meals back to life in this house. Being a total badass Diva comes with it’s sacrifices, but your food should not be it! And lucky for you, I have done the legwork and put the answer on a silver platter!

Three words: ONE. PAN. RECIPES.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Feels you have been missing something your whole life now, doesn’t it? How can you cook an entire meal on one pan!? Have I been dirtying literal loads of dishes for no goddamn reason?!

Enough with the questions and let me explain.

Some really tired mother somewhere in the world was making dinner for her family; pot roast in the oven, broccoli on the stove, using every bloody dish, 40 different cook times and temperatures… Then this woman threw up her hands and said, “F*CK THIS”.

That’s not the true story, but I am certain the real story would be close to my version, so let’s move forward with this anyway.

The fact is, these recipes exist, and they are pure brilliance. I have found a collection of them on a site called Greatest! There are 19 one pan meals listed on just this site alone, so the possibilities are endless at this point.

Now, obviously I am not the genius behind “One pan recipes”, so I can’t really take all the credit. I did show you however so, you’re welcome. 😉 Be sure to pay it forward and save someone else’s sanity with these delicious and time saving meal ideas. And to the inventor of “one pan recipes” – the bad ass, beautiful minded hero that walks among us… I am here on behalf of all tired AF people to say:


Diva Love xox

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