Social Good for BOSSI Women

By: Marin McCue | dope(a)me


Do I do enough good? Am I creating a positive impact in this world? What regrets do I want to avoid sitting with on my deathbed?

These are questions that float through my mind on a daily basis. I run a mind-body-life coaching business called dope(a)me, and everything that I do is grounded in an intention of teaching and inspiring others to connect with the innate healer within themselves.

I struggled with severe mental health afflictions for most of my upbringing, and while I felt called to do big things in this world, I knew that I wasn’t going to go very far with the 1000lb weight of darkness looming over my every move, thought, and conversation.

It was through my own overcoming and healing that I realized I am not alone in this struggle of being my own biggest obstacle and worst critic.

I decided that my gift in this world is to guide others out of that darkness so that they too can step into their unique contribution in the world.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by many inspiring and creative people who are doing what they can to leave a positive wake as they navigate through life. I feel held and supported by the words, hugs, high fives, and heartfelt connections within many of the communities I am a part of.

It is through these relationships that I have also learned the importance of social good.

I had a habit of taking what wasn’t mine when I was younger. A child and adolescent starving for various forms of nourishment and toxic in my own thoughts, sometimes stealing clothing, food, or money was actually just a twisted attempt to feel something other than despair. Because of this speckled past of mine, I feel that much more inclined to pay my dues – plus some – and ensure my community feels my warmth, support and generosity as often as possible. I know that I am the only one who truly has to live with the consequences of my own actions, and again, on my deathbed, I don’t want to spend one minute in regret or disappointment regarding how I chose to show up.

I know that there is nothing that I do or say that hasn’t been said or done in some other way by someone else. Everything is regurgitated in some form or another. This is not to negate the power and inspiration in what I can share, but it does remind me to stay grounded in the importance of giving away as much of my knowledge as I can. I don’t give talks or keynotes with any holding back of resources, ideas, or actions that people can implement right away. I am open and honest about what my work looks like and what it looks like to work with me as a client. I tell people all the time, my job is to work myself out of the job.

I want everyone to have the skills and habits they need to be the happy and successful people they desire and deserve to be.

Sometimes that means giving away free coaching sessions, posting detailed coaching videos on youtube, giving away my book to someone who needs a message of love, sharing my raw and vulnerable learnings to break the illusion of perfection in our society, discounting tickets to make workshops or online programs more accessible, or using goodpin as an easy way to donate to local charities.

Do I do enough good? There is always room for more, and I know that I am working my ass off to support and inspire people to live their best lives, and part of that means leading by example with radical acceptance and self love.

I am enough right now, and I continue to put in effort daily to do and be more.

Am I creating a positive impact in this world? I know I am. One person at a time. I trust the power of the ripple effect that happens when I positively impact at least one person each day. I might not be the person who solves world hunger, heals diseases, invents the next amazing piece of tech, or donates millions to charities, but I am the person who can support and heal others who very well could be one of those pivotal gamechangers in this world.  

What regrets do I want to avoid sitting with on my deathbed?

I refuse to play small, hold back my truth, watch others get bullied, or settle for anything less than the absolutely best that I can do.

Somedays that might not look like much, but most days it looks like a whole hell of a lot. I am honored to live this life and I intend to spend the rest of my days living with gratitude and excitement so that my deathbed feels like a well-timed and appreciated warm embrace.

Do good in your own unique way and trust that collectively we can go a lot further than any one of us could individually. 

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to connect. Xoxox

Marin McCue

Marin McCue

Mental Health Strength Training Consultant, dope(a)me

Marin McCue is a yoga teacher, spin motivator, boot camp and climb class leader, author (her first book is titled Be The Change), one on one mind-body-life coach, and a Mental Health Strength Training consultant for small businesses here in Calgary ( From an early age, while pursuing a goal of being an elite athlete, she struggled with depression, self-harm, an eating disorder, and crippling anxiety. Marin now teaches people how to heal themselves and optimize their mental health. It has become her mission to share and inspire others to be vulnerable and open up about what they are going through, so that we can utilize the power of growing and healing together.  

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