The Secret Sauce To Your Business Success

By: Brittney Pickett & Caitlin Cooke | Glass Cliff Divas

Often, when a potential client reaches out for marketing expertise, they are looking for a secret ingredient. A silver bullet to take their business to the next level.

When a client comes to you looking to get insta-famous or to be able to walk away from their business completely, it’s a fairly quick diagnosis. This business owner has put in countless hours building, strategizing, networking, fact-checking, bookkeeping, selling, writing, creating – you name it! They are exhausted, and looking for someone to put them on autopilot.

While I completely appreciate and respect the power of burnout, hiring a marketing agency to network your business entirely on your behalf is not a long lasting answer. And it’s not because we aren’t insanely awesome at what we do. Can I get a hell no?

Hell no!

In fact, we work really damn hard to be on top of the latest trends, strategies and systems in order to better serve our clients. But if an owner is looking to go hands off due to overwhelm, the right answer is to actually get them hands on.

Now hold on. I’m not saying you need to spend your time micro managing your social media or analysing ad reports. I mean, you need to get IN to your business. You need to look IN. DEEP DOWN into the pit of your company and ask yourself, Why the fuck am I doing this?!”

Business ownership is not for the faint of heart. While many see you trade in a ball and chain at the office for flexibility and freedom, reality is you are trading a cushy salary doing one job for inconsistent pay and ALL the jobs. And I mean ALL. THE. JOBS. Don’t understand accounting? Too bad, balance this. Hate actually having to sell your product to people? Sucks to be you, see you at the next networking event!

So why are you doing it? What’s in it for you? I promise whatever you come up with will STILL NOT BE ENOUGH.

If you are wondering when I’m actually going offer some advice for you, congratulations – you stayed with the rant long enough to get to the secret ingredient.

Secret Ingredient

The answer isn’t to figure out what you are doing for yourself. You need to figure out what you are doing for others. Helping a business owner offload the digital communities so that you can spend time getting involved in the places that really light a fire in their belly is exactly what we do. Because that’s exactly what a business needs. Take a second to stop crunching numbers to look around at what you business is actually capable of for your community, your people and your planet.

Find the element of impact that is missing from your business and find a small way to build it into what you do every day.

And when you are ready, build on that element and grow it into something you never imagined possible. It’s not businesses that grow, it’s feelings. The feelings people get when they buy your product or service. That shit spreads like wildfire.

We aren’t out here asking phony people to care about phony things because it’s what motivates the millennial buyer. We are asking people to think about what keeps them up at night, what stirs their pot and pushes their buttons. Which of these overlap beautifully with your business and bingo- bango, we’re makin’ magic.

The deeper you can care about something bigger than what time you open, or the best time to post, or what colour is in this season, the deeper you are going to connect with your clients AND your business as a whole.

So when you are low on motivation or the weather sucks and you can hardly convince yourself you get out of bed, it won’t be arbitrary details that finally get your feet on the floor. It will inevitably be that engine revving cause that drives you into“JUST FUCKING DO IT ALREADY!”

Sure, it may seem like just another thing to add to your plate, but when the chips are down and you just want to flip that “open” sign to “closed”, nothing is going to keep you more motivated to chug along than a cause held dearly to your heart.

Not only will you sleep soundly from all your good-deedery, but you will be attracting clients that care about the same causes as you, understand your business on a deeper level and remain loyal to your business because it’s something they can feel good about too.

The next time you are asking yourself, “How can I increase my profits this month?”, you should be asking yourself, “How can I give a little more this month?”.

Because honestly, if you’re reading this, couldn’t we all give just a little bit more this month?

Brittney Picket & Caitlin Cooke

Brittney Picket & Caitlin Cooke

Owners / Founders

Glass Cliff Divas is a Digital Marketing Agency offering sales and marketing solutions to small-medium size businesses. They create custom strategies that save time and make money. By bridging the gap between your sales process and your marketing goals, Glass Cliff Divas creates an effective strategy specifically designed to reach your business objectives.

Brittney & Caitlin are the Co-owners of Glass Cliff Divas and Co-Founders of BOSSI Women. They are deeply passionate about social impact and creating strong and generous communities for business owners. They work closely with their clients to explore ways to create social good in their industry with consistent marketing efforts!