You’re a Superhero!

By: Micki Mutch | Olfactory Shop


I am on a mission to fight the tiny but mighty synthetic scents floating around in the air, to end toxic invasions of lungs and to empower others to have healthy and beautifully smelling bodies and homes. Don’t we all want each person and home that we run into to smell great? This is the world I dream of.

Will you help me accomplish this mission?

Here’s how; I’ve designed this yummy line of all natural products for your home and body that simply smells good! This means you no longer need to use those synthetic counter cleaners, air “fresheners” or body sprays. Instead, grab a bottle of something I made just for you – something natural, but more importantly, something that smells really good, et voila! You are a superhero. Who knew it would smell so good?

To keep the goodness going, The Olfactory Shop is on another social mission:

I believe that businesses can do well but must do good!

That is why portions of our proceeds benefit girls education and entrepreneurship globally through contributions to the Malala Fund and Please specify your donation preference, at checkout!

In 2018 I also partnered with the Cambodian Self Help Demining team to raise funds from our diffusers to defuse landmines across Cambodia – there is more information about this issue on the About page.

In the future, I dream of a platform that would enable you to choose a charity to support through your purchase, but this will take many bottles of essential oils… so you better get shopping!

Let’s make our homes, bodies and the whole world a bit better – together!

Thanks for joining me on this mission.  

<3 Micki

Micki Mutch

Micki Mutch

Founder of Olfactory Shop

Micki started The Olfactory Shop in her apartment living room in 2015. Her background in environmental sciences lead to her passion for keeping things natural and this is something she wanted to make easier for others. While starting her company The Olfactory, that makes natural fragrance for the home and body, she was working in finance and tech, but ultimately was missing working with her hands and building something from the ground up. In 2018 she took the leap into entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back. She often gets asked if it was scary to go full-time, but the truth is that it seemed scarier to her not to!  

Her natural products provide those with fragrance sensitivities or those who are greening up their lives an alternative to synthetic fragrances. They are products that help you smell good, feel good and do some good.