Diva’s Social Mixer

Fun get-to-know-ya events that will
leave you inspired and connected
to an incredible group of businesses!

Events include chances to win prizes for your participation and a 100% chance of a good time! Dress in your FAVOURITE & BEST look! Whether you feel best in your jammies and a messy bun, or a ballgown and fancy up-do, we wanna see it!

Together, we will play a couple of games, meet a virtual room full of bad asses, and make some connections!

We promise that you will walk away with ideas, supportive connections, a new BFF, a bunch of fresh fans of your work, AND an overflowing heart.

 Diva's social mixer 

The Attendees

Alison Dumont

Business Name: Alison Dumont, Women’s Holistic Nutrition

About My Biz: I support women to find personal balance in Motherhood through nutrition and essential mindset shifts.

My Superpower: Telling raw truth.

Fun Fact: I am a karaoke junkie.

Alyse Owsiacki

Business Name: Camp Winston Foundation

About My Biz: A small non-profit running summer camp and respite for neurodiverse children and their families

My Superpower: Empathy.

Fun Fact: I love photography and backcountry camping (usually both at the same time).

Alyssa Burkus

Business Name: Shift Wisdom

About My Biz: We help women write confidently and share their brilliance so they can change the world.

My Superpower: Helping others find and amplify their superpower.

Fun Fact: I know all the lyrics to every ABBA song.

Angela Rosenthal

Business Name: fierce.wild.love.freedom

About My Biz: Blogger/Podcaster/Coach

My Superpower: A combo of gentle compassion + hard truth, calling people higher, touching their souls, and reminding them they’re not alone.

Fun Fact: I can put my leg over my head 🤪

Aurora Chapman-good

Business Name: @NomadBelles Media Co.

About My Biz: Simple. Reliable. Beautiful.

My Superpower: Aesthetic Enchantress ✨

Fun Fact: *always* down for an adventure! • unless it’s a *recharge* day 😉

Belinda Clemmensen

Business Name: The Women’s Leadership Intensive & Leader Coach Intensive 

About My Biz: We inspire, empower, equip and support women to lead the change the world needs by providing leadership development BY women, FOR women.

My Superpower: Seeing the beauty and potential in people.

Fun Fact: I am happiest when I’m in my sea kayak.

Brianne Ligori

Business Name: TGIToday & Leader Coach Intensive 

About My Biz: Helping women find joy today instead of waiting for tomorrow.

My Superpower: Listening, holding space.

Fun Fact: I used to skydive!

Cynthia Ene

Business Name: Illu Inc.

About My Biz: Long-term and Short-term Rentals in the Canadian Arctic.

My Superpower: Helping Others Discover Canada’s Pristine Arctic and Working on making housing affordable.

Fun Fact: I just had a baby 5 months ago.

Jessica Moe

Business Name: Lilac and Clover

About My Biz: We help Canadian makers and artists start and grow successful businesses so that they can share their passion, and make a living doing it!

My Superpower: I’m really good at simplifying complex ideas and methods and then teaching them to others.

Fun Fact: I’m a huge cat lady 🐱

Jay Richardson

Business Name: Jay Richardson Real Estate

About My Biz: Awesome, amazing, caring, ethical real estate.

My Superpower: Empathy

Fun Fact: Since I started dieting 30 years ago, I’ve gained 100 pounds – lol.

Julia McLaughlin

Business Name: Review Robin

About My Biz: We help you get more reviews from your customers!

My Superpower: Inspiring others.

Fun Fact: I am obsessed with Mexican food.

Kyla Taylor

Business Name: Launch & Prosper

About My Biz: We launch and/or grow existing businesses and not for profits through strategy, people and action.

My Superpower: Problem-solving.

Fun Fact: I live to snowboard with my famjam.

Lindsay Recknell

Business Name: Expert in Hope

About My Biz: Powered by the Science of Positive Psychology, I empower people move towards a future better than today by taking action over the things they can control.

My Superpower: Making uncomfortable conversations as normalized as any other conversation.

Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards faster than I can forwards.

Maria Brigantino

Business Name: M-PATH

About My Biz: Hi! I’m Maria Brigantino, I help women gain FREEDOM from their obsessive thinking around food, weight and body.

My Superpower: I bake a mean choc. chip banana loaf… oh and I help people struggling experience being human from a difference perspective.

Fun Fact: I really want to own a chic farm one day!

Micki Chau

Business Name: The Olfactory Shop and Shine Superfood Lattes

About My Biz: I create toxin free fragrance for the home and body and superfood lattes for women with great taste, who like to have fun with their wellness.

My Superpower: Self-love and finding joy.

Fun Fact: One of my summer jobs was herding sheep!

Norah Fountain

Business Name: Muskoka Lakes Chamber

About My Biz: Membership based business community with a common goal of prosperity for all.

My Superpower: I’m a KAPS – kick ass problem solver.

Fun Fact: I briefly was a host on Canada’s first TV shopping channel.

Sara ross

Business Name: Well Travelled Recovery Coaching

About My Biz: We support those living with substance misuse disorder, burnout, and/or disordered eating reclaim their power and to live their lives as their most authentic selves.

My Superpower: Human Connection.

Fun Fact: Once while travelling I went on a tree-top trekking adventure and jumped off a 100 foot platform and sailed through the jungle.

Steph Lagana

Business Name: Mythical Enterprises

About My Biz: I help women build businesses they love.

My Superpower: I can feel the flow of energy in a business and laser in on where it’s stuck.

Fun Fact: I’ve been to a steampunk tea shop (and it was excellent!).

Tara Charlton

Business Name: Launch & Prosper Consulting Group

About My Biz: Business Consulting.

My Superpower: Top level marketing strategy & data analysis.

Fun Fact: Was the top of the waterski pyramid in Deerhurst Waterski Shows back in the day haha!


Business Name: Institute for Higher Knowing

About My Biz: Courses that help women wake up to their fullest power and capacity to serve the world.

My Superpower: Ability to see something that is not yet evident.

Fun Fact: I spent a year on a 150sqft rigger, studying humpback whales.

 Glass Cliff Divas 

The Divas

Caitlin Cooke

Business Name: Glass Cliff Divas Inc.

About My Biz: We simplify the overwhelming marketing options available to help you save time & make money.

My Superpower: Digital Sorcery

Fun Fact: I was a national champion competitive cheerleader for 4 years.

Brittney Pickett

Brittney Pickett

Business Name: Glass Cliff Divas Inc.

About My Biz: Creating and implementing thoughtful and stunning marketing strategies for small business owners.

My Superpower: Connecting with others and writing writing writing.

Fun Fact: I have performed in a number of plays and musicals, and won gold with my team at the Canadian Improv Games.

Luba Marczuk

Business Name: Glass Cliff Divas Inc.

About My Biz: GCD helps business owners bring their business ideas to life, from advertising to wesbite deisgn and everything in between!

My Superpower: Manager of Digital Sorcery

Fun Fact: In my youth, I danced 3 different styles of dance for years!

Carly Kennedy

carly kennedy

Business Name: Glass Cliff Divas Inc.

About My Biz: Helping passionate business owners communicate their brand and connect with their audiences on a meaningful level.

My Superpower: Digital Sorceress

Fun Fact: Whilst solo travelling in Europe I lost my Canadian passport and got stuck in Belgium for two weeks.

Correy Nuttall

Business Name: Glass Cliff Divas Inc.

About My Biz: We empower you and your business to succeed in your mission efficiently, effectively, and profitably with outstanding digital marketing strategies.

My Superpower: Digital Sorcery Strategist

Fun Fact: The first time I left Muskoka, I travelled & lived in Thailand for 4 months where I taught english to children and did marine conservation work.

Daniela Zirizzotti

Business Name: Daniela Zirizzotti

About My Biz: Digital Marketing and Brand Leveling Up!

My Superpower: My intuition supersedes my actual logic!

Fun Fact: I used to be a gymnastics coach before this!

 We can't wait to see you 


We are so thrilled to have your brilliant minds meet, so we can see what kind of magic happens.

There will be fun, prizes, and great connections! Picture a fierce, friendly, and female speed dating kinda situation. You’ll get the chance to get to know one another, talk about your amazing business AND learn about other badass businesses you can support.

Whether you walk away with a new IG follower, a fresh contact in your industry, a new perspective on a challenge, or even a new friend, we KNOW you won’t walk away empty-handed!

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