By Women – For Women

By Women - For Women & Why it’s important in business From the very moment my best friend and I decided to go into business together, we knew it would be a tribute to bad ass women everywhere. Whether it would take us 10 months or 10 years, we weren’t sure yet....

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Meal Prep for Divas That Don’t Have Time For That Sh*t

Meal Prep for Divas That Don't Have Time For That Sh*t Listen up Divas & Dudes, Somewhere along my quest to Diva-hood and general greatness, I lost sight of the value of a home cooked meal. Between full time work, the side hustle, my four kids (yeah, you read that...

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How to Revolutionize Without Reinventing The Wheel

How To Revolutionize Without Reinventing The Wheel Business Balance There is one thing that entrepreneurs know, that others just don’t seem to understand. How to leave a legacy. Whether it is a primary reason for your business or the white noise in the background, it...

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